Handling Flaky Tests

Skipping Tests

In some cases having a story of a component is useful for development purposes, but might be acceptable not to be covered by visual regression tests such as an animated GIF that cannot accurately be covered with a single screenshot. In those cases you can opt out by using add.skip():

storiesOf('MyComponent', module)
  .add('enabled story', () => <MyComponent />)
  .lokiSkip('skipped story', () => <MyComponent />);

Asynchronous Stories

Some components will do some computing or loading data over the network and then re-render. This can cause flaky tests and incorrect screenshots. Loki handles most cases of network traffic and loading images, but for other cases you can mark your story as async and tell loki when you're done via the context.done function:

storiesOf('MyComponent', module)
  .add('synchronous story', () => <MyComponent />)
  .lokiAsync('asynchronous story', ({ done }) => <MyComponent onDone={done} />);

Transitions and Animations

Animations cause the your component to be highly time sensitive and unless conditions are exactly the same for each test instance they will yield different screenshots. Loki takes care of the most common web transitions out of the box by disabling CSS transitions/animations and requestAnimationFrame. The screenshot will be paused at the end state of the transition. To disable this use the chromeEnableAnimations option.

However known limitations include:

  • Looped requestAnimationFrame animations
  • GIFs
  • SVG animations
  • Native Lottie animations
  • React Native Animated library

It's up to you to disable these kind of animations. A simple way would be to use context with recompose:

// .storybook/config.js or storybook/storybook.js
import { addDecorator } from '@storybook/react';
import React, { Children } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import { withContext } from 'recompose';

const DisabledAnimationsProvider = withContext(
  { disableAnimations: PropTypes.bool },
  () => ({ disableAnimations: true })
)(({ children }) => Children.only(children));

const withDisabledAnimations = getStory =>


// MyComponent.js
import { getContext } from 'recompose';

const MyComponent = ({ disableAnimations }) => (
  ? /* Something without animations */
  : /* Something with animations */

export default getContext({
  disableAnimations: PropTypes.bool,

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